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Tracking numbers are extra costs. USA and Canada Only!    

​Anodizing Supply

Anodizing Dyes

7075 Block = $10.00   

Mesh anodes will last for years in anodizing, these have a large surface area and are easy to wire up.

0.5mm thick for 2mm to 8mm holes = $6.00
0.75MM THICK FOR 6MM TO 14MM HOLES = $7.00
1.0MM THICK FOR 10MM TO 30MM HOLES = $8.00

2mm x 250mm = $5.00
3mm x 250mm = $6.50
4mm x 250mm = $8.00

Titanium Rod for Part Clips

A 250mm long run of grade 2 titanium rod. I use these to hook up parts and hanging bars for anodizing. Cut and bend into a clip and attach titanium wire. This is easy for square items that have no way to hook up wire. I do the sample blocks above with this method.

7075 Sample anodizing blocks

A block of 7075 t6 aluminum for sample anodizing runs.

We use these to test new colors. This is very easy to work with and desmuts faster then 6000 series aluminum. Use a c-clip made from 2mm wire so hook up is very fast. We also use these to practice splash and drip anodize. this metal is a bit different than 6000 series so can give you a bit of experience with 7000 which is alloyed with zinc and copper .

Each block is 90mm x 40mm x 10mm

Titanium Part Clips

These are the perfect method for racking parts.. These will make a sharp contact with the part and will last a lifetime.

Spring tension can be adjusted. by bending. These can also be bent outwards for an exterior connection.

Each clip comes with approx 6 inches of wire attached by pressure. other clips can be ganged together. Over time the wire might need to be cleaned where it contacts the clip.

I can make these on a custom basis and will be welding butterfly style clips shortly.

If you need a different style please contact Tom at

1.25mm x 10 feet = $10.00   

1.25mm x 3 feet = $4.00   

1.0mm x 10 feet = $10.00   

1.0mm x 3 feet = $4.00   

20cm x 20cm = $34.00

10cm x 10cm = $18.00

Titanium mesh for anode / Cathode - grade 2
10cm x 10cm = $10.00

.75mm x 10 feet = $8.00   

.75mm x 3 feet = $3.00   

.5mm x 10 feet = $8.00     

Titanium Wire

This is for a run of grade 2 titanium wire. Titanium works great in anodizing as it's non corrosive in acid.

Wires and anodes will last for years in anodizing.

Grade 2 is more bendable but very strong.

​1mm wire is standard for most applications.

.5mm x 3 feet = $3.00   

Titanium Wire, Titanium Anodes, Anodizing Test Samples

           Titanium racking clips is the best option for racking aluminum and titanium for anodizing. The titanium mesh is cleanable and will last a lifetime because sulfuric acid has no effect. The wire is very strong and will also not degrade in acid baths. We use titanium disc brake rotos and the mesh below for our baths and all connections are made with ti wire.

All grade 2 for bendability. Grade 5 is used for stiffer wire for racking parts.