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1502 - 15V/2A Single-Output DC Power Supply 
1. Real-time display DC current and voltage.
2. With selectable fixed regulated voltage output 1.5V, 3.6V, 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V, 0-15V voltage.
3. High-precision voltage regulator, steady stream, the output voltage and current can be adjustable between 0 and the nominal value.
4. With load capability.
5. With a current-limiting protection and short circuit protection.
6. Ripple low, low noise.

(1) Output voltages from 0 to continuously adjustable between the nominal value
(2) Voltage stability
   Power stability <0.01% +2 mV
   Load stability <0.01% +2 mV (maximum current <1A)
   Load stability <0.01% 5mV (maximum current> 1A)
(3) Ripple noise <0.5mVrms (5Hz - 1MHz) (maximum current <1A)
   <1.0mVrms (5Hz - 1MHz) (maximum current> 1A)
(4) The temperature coefficient of <300PPM / °C

(1) The output current from 0 to nominal value continuously adjustable
(2) The current stability
   Power stability <0.2% +3 mA
   Load stability <0.2% +3 mA
(3) Ripple noise <3mArms

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Compact Design; All-Metal ConstructionDual LED Three-Digit Display, More Accurate Highly Stabilized Output Voltage;
​ Short Circuit Protection
Over Loading and Current Protection
​Weight: 11 lbs

We use this unit for all our basic aluminum anodizing. It is enough to do a few paintball parts.

will make titanium blue at full voltage.

​Canada Only!

Dr.Meter 30V/5A Single-Output DC Power Supply 

Anodizing Power Supply

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