We use this hydrometer to check acid concentrations.

This is 0-10 baume and is suitable for lower acid concentrations. Our reading is 4 baume (About 15% acid mix)


This is also an easy way to start new tanks or top off acid due to drag out and evaporation.

​This item is only for walk in customers due to the high shipping costs and breakage in shipping.

Acid Hydrometer 0 - 10 baume

​This only ships to the USA and Canada due to the high shipping costs.

Infrared Thermometer

We use this gun for checking temperature on anodizing dyes, Sealant and acid tank temperature control. This is a point and shoot gun. I find quite accurate. to be noted if your tank is white a black plastic chip on the bottom will give the best results.

 9v battery not included. 

​This only ships to the USA and Canada due to the high shipping costs.

Infrared Thermometer = $21.00

PH Up = $6.00


This is the opposite of the PH Down. Not as common but sometimes needed.

PH Down

PH Down = $6.00

Most water is too high of a ph to use with anodizing. Adding dyes will generally raise the ph to out of control levels.

This powder will lower ph without any residue or smut formation. Dissolves in minutes.

The powder pouch will lower over 50 gallons ph and is more than enough for many reductions.. A teaspoon will lower a gallon of ph 2 full points.

 Digital Ph Testers, Acid Hydrometers, Temperature Control

proper PH is very important in the dye and sealant phase of aluminum anodizing. When the ph is too high on dyes like red it will not absorb into the pores properly. It can cause sealant smut and leave a film left on the parts if ph is off.

Digital PH Tester

Digital PH Tester = $16.00

We use these testers for checking PH in anodizing dye bath. The PH of dyes needs to be accurate for full color saturation. We calibrate using tap and distilled water, compared to an aquarium liquid tester.

1 x Digital pH meter

1 x Calibration Adjustment screwdriver

3 x Batteries Included in pH Meter

1 x User instruction manual

​Anodizing Supply

Anodizing Dyes

We use these testers for checking dye density. Once we get a mix of dye we can test the parts per million of the dye and when re-mixing we set to the same reading. This will also let you know the solids in tap water.

The average dye will have 1200ppm

​Our tap water reads 80ppm

TDS Tester = $16.00

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids Tester

We Calibrate these by testing water supply with aquarium strips

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