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My Dad just passed away today.We will have to put the stores on vacation for about a week.Vacation is from March 2nd to March 11th.

During this time we will not be accepting orders (the websites will be white boarded) and email will be limited.

I have a ton of things to do.

All orders placed before March 02 will be processed as normal.

Posted: March 01, 2018 

Contact Anodize World

 Please contact us by email at

By Phone at 647-748-1111 - Please leave a message...I only pick up for local callers to screen telemarketers. Repeat calling will be blocked automatically.

​Local pickup in Toronto available. 

For anodizing tips and advice please check out our other website

Tracking numbers are extra costs. USA and Canada Only!    

Anodizing Dyes

Anodizing Advice

I get many questions regarding anodizing. If you call please leave a message. 

If you need advice I will ask questions about your voltage, time, tank tem[p ect.

​Please know this info as I cannot help you without this info.

​eMail is best and please include photos.

​Please limit advice based upon prior purchase and the book purchase.

Before You Call...Please Read

I get many questions regarding anodizing. Most basic information is posted on this site and much is on the Blog. I wont give much advice unless this is read and followed. I am not other websites so if they advise you differently and you wish to follow that over my advice then there is no need to call. I have my advice posted.

Outside Anodizing:

 My focus is on polish finish and top quality results wherever possible. This is not my main business so do items casually. I won't skip on processing to save a buck and wont haggle on this. This is for other anodizers to deal with.

I like polished metals and 7075 and 2024 types aluminum do this best.

I don't like 6000 series due to the silica content. This usually needs blasting and is an extra charge. Some is really cheap and I pass on this.

Just a tip that 6061 is less costs but is tougher to anodize if there is too much silica. Polished surfaces can be light color. Cannot be chemically etched and requires blasting.