Anodizing Dyes

Titanium Anodizing Kit #1

 This is the master kit with all you need to anodize except for Power Supply, water, base plastic containers and strainers.

You will receive:

1 0.5mm - 20cmx20cm titanium Cathode plate for negative.

10 feet of .75mm titanium wire

10 Feet of 1.0mm titanium Wire

​1 Titanium Pre-Etch - Will make 1 gallon hard etch

1 Electrolite solution - 1 gallon mix - Biodegradable

Basic Instructions and tips

You will need a dc power supply capable of up to 110v

Add manual to kit purchase only = $12.00

Full Kit = $45.00

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Chapter One - Equipment 3
Chapter Two – Setting up acid tank 4
Chapter Three – Prepping and racking 5-7
Chapter Four - Anodizing 8-10
Chapter Five - Dyes 11-13
Chapter Six - Sealant 14
Chapter Seven – Finishing and Polish 15-16
Chapter Eight – Titanium Anodizing 17-19
Voltage Relationship to Pore Density 20
Aluminum Alloys 20-21
Acids 22
Specific Gravity – Acid Density 23-24
Definitions 25
Troubleshooting 26
Frequently Asked Questions 27
Constant Amperage 28
Quick Chart 29
Drawings 30

Book = $30.00   

How to Anodize Aluminum

Camo Kit = 40.00

Anodizing Dye Pack #2 Camo pack

 This is the cammo kit for Military

Olive Drab

Grey BL

Cammo Tan

Brown BL

Olive B

Green B

Master Kit = 250.00

Full Kit within Canada = $260.00

Anodizing Dye Pack #1 Master Kit

 This is the master kit with all U.S. Specialty dyes we currently carry plus one Black E

Total of 34 dyes.

Aluminum Anodizing Kit #1

 This is the master kit with all you need to anodize except for Power Supply, water, base plastic containers and strainers.

You will receive:

1 Liter of Sulfuric Acid

1 Liter of Desmut

1/2 Liter of pre-Post wash - 50% Nitric

1 20cmx20cm titanium anode plate

Assorted 2 and 3mm titanium rods for cathode and parts attachment.

10 feet of .75mm titanium wire

1 sealant

1 dispersant

1 740 cleaner (1 gallon mix)

1 Ph down

1 ph up

1 Aluminum Powder

3 color dyes (default is Red Bordeaux, Blue 2lwn, Gold E)

1 Black V Dye

1 Stripping powder

Please Note: The kit no longer comes with the ph tester, Plastic Bucket or thermometers. The ph testers are prone to failure on our end and can be purchased on eBay. If you plan on anodizing long term get a few. Thermometers are basically dollar store items. meat thermometer for dye bath and plastic outdoor for acid temps. Buckets are available at Home Depot.

The anodizing kit now include aluminum powder for startup

Aluminum Anodizing Kits. Titanium Anodizing Kits

Anodizing kits and Dye packs are for sale in the USA and Canada only!



Last Website Update: January 16, 2018

Over the years I've had hundreds of questions on how to anodize aluminum so I wrote this manual to help setup with the anodizing phase. This contains everything I know and have tried to put this into an easier to follow format. This will be essential for those with limited knowledge and a learning tool for more advanced anodizers. 

Full Kit to the USA = $280.00

​Anodizing Supply

Tracking numbers are extra costs. USA and Canada Only!    

For anodizing tips and advice please check out our other website