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​Anodizing Supply

Anodizing Dyes

This item as been dis-continued due to production time

Two Gallon = $10.00

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids Tester

Concentration: 2 g/l  

 pH: 6.0±0.5 - Buffering is not required.

Temperature: 145°F ±5°F. - Dip to Result .

Custom Dyexcel Anodizing Dyes

0.5mm thick for 2mm to 8mm holes = $6.00
0.75MM THICK FOR 6MM TO 14MM HOLES = $7.00
1.0MM THICK FOR 10MM TO 30MM HOLES = $8.00

The Type 2 Anodizing Manual

Two Gallon = $10.00

Custom Blend : King Gold

Two Gallon Pink = $8.00

7075 Sample anodizing blocks

A block of 7075 t6 aluminum for sample anodizing runs.

We use these to test new colors. This is very easy to work with and desmuts faster then 6000 series aluminum. Use a c-clip made from 2mm wire so hook up is very fast. We also use these to practice splash and drip anodize. this metal is a bit different than 6000 series so can give you a bit of experience with 7000 which is alloyed with zinc and copper .

Each block is 90mm x 40mm x 10mm

Ten Gallon Blue B = $36.00

Two Gallon Blue B = $8.00

Ahhh...Light Lime. Green with yellow

this is a special color we mix here. This is a lighter green than AEN or AENX. This is stable and wont turn too yellow or dark green. The photo is a little dark.

Custom Blend : Peach

Two Gallon Green = $8.00

Custom Blend : Key Lime Pie

A Gold that is more like the gold used by Chris King

this is a special color we mix here This will start with a yellow and will graduate into the Darker gold on the lower half of the anodized block.

The manual on type 2 anodizing thru constant voltage is complete. 

This is much more comprehensive than any online information and will have step by step guides, troubleshooting and complete setup details. Table of contents is posted on the book page.

TDS Tester = $16.00

Book = $30.00   

Ten Gallon Pink = $36.00

A nice Creamy Peach

this is a special color we mix here This will start with a more yellow color and will graduate into the peach color shown.

Two Gallon Red B = $8.00

Two Gallon Black L = $20.00

We are pleased to welcome The Dye Excel Color Corporation. These dyes are very fast uptake and are stable in saturation. These are a bit more economical because we have to have a large quantity produced.. we will be offering these in 2 gallon and 10 gallon mixes. 

Ten Gallon Green = $36.00

Ten Gallon Pink = $36.00

Ten Gallon Black L = $80.00

​​Concentration: 2 g/l  

 pH: 6.0±0.5 - Buffering is not required.

Temperature: 145°F ±5°F. - Dip to Result .

Concentration: 2 g/l  

 pH: 5.5±0.5 - Buffering is not required.

Temperature: 140°F ±5°F. - Dip to Result .

Titanium Part Clips

These are the perfect method for racking parts.. These will make a sharp contact with the part and will last a lifetime.

Spring tension can be adjusted. by bending. These can also be bent outwards for an exterior connection.

Each clip comes with approx 6 inches of wire attached by pressure. other clips can be ganged together. Over time the wire might need to be cleaned where it contacts the clip.

I can make these on a custom basis and will be welding butterfly style clips shortly.

If you need a different style please contact Tom at

7075 Block = $10.00   

We have done some drip anodizing for Revolver Toys. This is a more detailed process. We will be offering some airbrushes and other related supply shortly.

Two Gallon = $10.00

Custom Blend : Maroon

Colors from Left to Right:

Pink aka Red 2b: This pink has an easier uptake and can resolve issues some anodizers have with pink.

Deep Red B : A very fast uptake red and much deeper in color.

​​Hunter Green: The green in the photo was dyed for 1 minute and is a true dark green. 

Blue B : A nice royal blue

​Black L : A great fast uptake and high light resistance. Affordable for commercial applications.

We use these testers for checking dye density. Once we get a mix of dye we can test the parts per million of the dye and when re-mixing we set to the same reading. This will also let you know the solids in tap water.

The average dye will have 1200ppm

​Our tap water reads 80ppm

Anodize World Dyes!

Anodizing Dyes

Anodizing Kits 
Aluminum Powder 

​Complete anodizing Kits

Anodizing dye power packs

Carbamide Powder​​

New Arrivials!

​De-Smut and Etching Compound.

Anodizing Manual for Type II

Titanium Racking Clips

More Complete anodizing Kits

Dye Power Packs

We have 6 types of black dye for all anodizing variety

The photos below are Jet black and uses a shorter anodizing time. below we anodized only 40 minutes to achieve black. The photo on the rightwas taken in sunlight to show the polishing.

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Did You Know?

 Aluminum Anodizing is one of the most eco frien​dly ways to color a metal? Almost no waste or fumes are released. Only power and H20.